How NGOs in Rich Countries Control their Counterparts in Poor Countries..and Why they Refuse to Resolve it

This post is by Jerri-Lynn Scofield from naked capitalism

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Many NGOs around the world are fighting inequality between the rich and the poor, but the bigger NGOs are unwilling to fight policies that keep rich NGOs richer.

should also ask themselves why they are unwilling to let others who are less resourced take up the space where their voice can be heard.

Immigration Makes Us Stronger

This post is by Fred Wilson from AVC

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It is ironic and upsetting that a nation built on immigration is increasingly unwelcoming to immigrants and that the words ” go back” are becoming a political rallying cry.

I am for immigration full stop.

I think opening our arms and borders to people who want to come here, work, build their lives and businesses and futures makes our country stronger.

It always has. Nothing that is great about the United States was accomplished without immigrants.

Immigrants built our docks, they built our railroads, they built our automotive industry, and they built our technology industry.

If we were to close our borders completely, I believe we would be a second rate country within a couple of generations.

Immigration is new blood, new ideas, a work ethic, a belief in a better future, a willingness to take enormous risk, burn the boats, and get it done.

We need that in our

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This post is by Bob Lefsetz from The Big Picture

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Bob Lefsetz writes the Lefsetz Letter, an publication about the music industry:

In case you missed it, and the point here is you probably did, the mainstream media has been debating the left-leaning Democratic Presidential candidates since the debates. The right is this year’s left. As in, they can’t really nominate one of these lefties, going on about Medicare for all and taxing the rich, and the left is playing the role of the right, as in are we losing control of our party?

But the truth is most people are not paying attention. Oh, they’re interested in politics, but they’re not getting their info from the usual suspects, certainly not the spin.

This has happened in the music business too. The mainstream media and the major labels have detached from music itself. The belief is that which is hyped, written about in these same mainstream media outlets, dominates,

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