Are Alternatives Substitute For Equities?

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My latest post for Alpha Baskets is posted and includes the following;

The idea of reducing stress by placing yourself in fewer stress-inducing situations resonates with me personally and professionally. Personally, in that I have been working from home since my mid-thirties so no traffic and far fewer frustrating encounters with people at the office and professionally in that I have long advocated using diversifiers (now called alternatives) to manage portfolio volatility. We know that volatility causes people to reach a breaking point where they do self-destructive things, portfolio-wise. Managing volatility provides the opportunity to put clients in fewer situations where they might reach their breaking point.

And from my page at TheMaven;

The importance of proper position sizing.

An update on the active/passive debate.

Chiricahua National Monument


The ghost town of Lowell which is near Bisbee, AZ.


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