Sprint Drops 5%: CFO Switch ‘Feeds Narrative’ of Spending, Says Wells

Sprint shares are down 5% after the company said its replacing its CFO with "turnaround strategist" Michel Combes, formerly head of the Dutch cable and media giant Altice, as part of the next stage of Sprint's "transformation." Wells Fargo analyst Jennifer Fritzsche writes that investors are concerned this signals more network investment and more cost cutting by Sprint.

Energous: Knowns and Known Unknowns

Energous won a certification of its wireless power-at-a-distance technology from the FCC on Tuesday, but that still leaves open a bunch of known unknowns. The most pressing is whether the company can now finally deliver such products while meeting the safety guidelines it has just agreed upon with the FCC.

Energous: Now It’s All About Execution, Says Roth

Energous now just has to turn out product, after having gotten FCC approval, writes William Gibson of Roth Capital, regarding the little wireless power startup whose shares have soared following disclosure it received FCC approval for its transceiver technology.

Tech Today: Apple Back in Green, WATT Soars, Intel’s Outlook in ’18

Apple came back from Tuesday's sell-off, but just barely, Blockchain and bitcoin stocks sold off, Energous soared by almost 170% on its disclosure the FCC approved one of its wireless power transceivers, Intel's future looks potentially scary in 2018, according to Rosenblatt, Amazon has interesting holiday numbers, and a firm in the U.K. is finding ways to compile viewership data about Netflix.

Intel: Things’ll Be Better in 2018, Says Mizuho

Intel's got a lot to look forward to in 2018, writes Vijay Rakesh of Mizuho, including rising modem sales into Apple's iPhone, and rising flash memory chip sales. He also thinks a lower tax rate and possible overseas cash repatriation can boost the shares.

Skyworks: Fear Not Chinese Mobile Chip Cuts, Says B Riley

Reports Chinese smartphone vendors are cutting chip orders amidst weakening sales of phones is not cause for concern, writes Craig Ellis of B. Riley & Co. Chip makers such as Skyworks have already seen their shares discount negative news, and anyway, they have Apple as a big customer to offset China weakness.

T-Mobile To Benefit from Collapse of Sprint Deal, Says Moffett Nathanson

Everyone assumes a merger between T-Mobile US and Sprint would have been great for the telecom industry, but that's not necessarily so, writes Craig Moffett of Moffett-Nathanson today. He upgrades T-Mobile on the prospect that pricing will be less cut-throat with the existing balance of four players, especially given Sprint, strapped for cash and with heavy debt maturities to progress through, has to focus on sustaining its business and can't be as ruthless as it might be with a merger.