Merry Christmas from FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville is off on holiday. But before we go we wanted to say…

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Normalisation of 5% at the BoE

We all know the Bank of England has an inflation problem.

As revealed in Wednesday’s MPC minutes, BoE governor Mervyn King and crew are more worried about inflation than...

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Elsewhere on Thursday,

- Default and bankruptcy in the municipal bond market (part two).

- You’re fired! (again, for fraud).

- The self-destructing Merrill Lynch subsidy....

Cable guy unplugged

The market has delievered its verdict on Cablegate (Vincegate?) by marking shares in BSkyB higher on Wednesday morning:

That move reflects the fact that Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture,...

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Elsewhere on Wednesday,

- Monetary base growth ≠ inflation, for the nth time.

- Investing on the ‘low side of bullishness‘.

- Are banks going short volatility...

peHUB Second Opinion 12.21

We’re going to help a friend out here, everyone go ahead and fill out this survey—we’ll also be reporting the results back to you next month

A little late, Harvard: but hopefully the next Gates/Zuckerberg won’t pass you up

App developers are going to have to start thinking about getting into Bill Gates’ client base now

Eleven Blackstone employees have a little something extra to celebrate this holiday season

Texas and Florida get a political boost courtesy of the 2010 Census and NY and Ohio lose points

Was Yukon Cornelius was on to something? Had he employed a buy-and-hold strategy with his part-time mining partner Herbie, he’d be sitting pretty today

Krush loads up on cash

If you’ve got European colleagues, you might want to give them a second option for Christmas dinner—it isn’t very likely they’ll all make it home for the holidays

Cuomo’s coruscating complaint

Who ever said legalese was dull?

The complaint filed by Andrew Cuomo is a ripsnorting romp through the sordid business of Repo 105.

The main allegations against E&Y are well...

UK fiscal fail

Anyone for Plan B?

Or just for knuckling down on fiscal cuts?

This is not what the market was expecting from the latest UK public finances data on Tuesday — £22.8bn of...

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- An Afghan sovereign wealth fund? Really?

- How the Hamp process works , parts one and two.

- And whose mortgage mod is it anyway?

- A handy capital controls chart....

Calling all US readers…

We’re looking to up our game, and need New York-based FT Alphaville readers for focus groups and testing. You’ll get coffee and cookies, plus some monetary incentive, at the FT offices in Midtown....

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Elsewhere on Monday,

- Cinema takes a trip to Wall Street – again.

- Foreclosure’s whistleblower emerges.

- Japan’s employed underclass.

- That enforcement...

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Elsewhere on Friday,

- Jargoniest business jargon of the year.

- It’s official, Wells Fargo is biggest US bank by market cap.

- Wall Street starts eating itself.

- Another day,...

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Elsewhere on Thursday,

- Debunking the silver myths.

- Time’s person of the year.

- The third annual Meanie Awards.

- Different shades of crony capitalism.

- Here come the sans-culottes....