Cypress CEO El-Khoury and the Amazon Show

Hassane El-Khoury, chief executive of Cypress Semiconductor, is a big fan of Amazon's "Echo Show," the speech-driven appliance for video conferencing and such. Not least because his company's shipping Bluetooth and Wifi into the product, part of an expanding world of connected devices from which Cypress can benefit.

Avie Tevanian: More on Blockchain, A.I., IoT

Avadis "Avie" Tevanian, legendary software innovator and formerly head of code at Apple, now a professional investor, talks with Barron's on IoT, A.I. and other themes in this follow up to the print Q&A.

Cisco Could Be the Next Microsoft, Says Bernstein

Cisco has a shot at having its stock "re-rated" from a 14 times forward multiple of earnings to 20 times, as software, and especially the kind that brings in "recurring revenue," becomes a larger and larger part of its total sales, just like what happened to Microsoft, according to a note today from Bernstein's Pierre Farragu.