Thursday links: a false sense of security

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10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning train reads: • Does Anyone Care About Year-Ahead Outlooks? (Institutional Investor) • Plastic Water Bottles, Which Enabled a Drinks Boom, Now Threaten a Crisis (Wall Street Journal) but see Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles (The Guardian) • Homelessness Rises More Quickly Where Rent Exceeds a Third of Income (Zillow) • What Happened When… Read More The post 10 Thursday AM Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

Wednesday links: sleeping well at night

10 Wednesday AM Reads

My midweek morning train reads: • PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year: Online smear machine tries to take down Parkland students (Polifact) • Yep, Bitcoin Was a Bubble. And It Popped. (Bloomberg) • A Surprising Push By The Invisible Hand: Why More Companies Are Doing Better By Being Good (Forbes) • Moneyball: was the book that changed baseball built on a false premise?… Read More The post 10 Wednesday AM Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

Tuesday links: preparation drills

Research links: the emotional quant curve

10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads: • ‘I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong’: Yuppies have discovered pot — and they like it (Washington Post) • How Subscriptions Are Remaking Corporate America (Barron’s) see also Volvo’s New Pitch: ‘Don’t Buy This Car’ try a “subscription” instead (Bloomberg) • How US billionaires are fuelling the hard-right cause in Britain (The Guardian) see… Read More The post 10 Tuesday AM Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

Monday links: emulating Norway

10 Monday AM Reads

My back-to-work morning train reads: • Bogle: RIAs Are the Future; Trading Is Investors’ Enemy (ThinkAdvisor) • Lessons From the Bernie Madoff Fraud, 10 Years Later (Barron’s) see also Madoff’s Victims Are Close To Getting Their $19 Billion Back (Bloomberg) • We’re No Longer in the Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline. (New York Magazine) • 2018 wasn’t a complete horror… Read More The post 10 Monday AM Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

Sunday links: serial scapegoats

Saturday links: our worn out highways

Longform links: inescapable entropy

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