Bloomberg Weed Index

The Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Competitive Peers Index—an equally weighted index of 54 stocks with significant exposure to cannabis-related operations—tripled since the start of 2015 Here is Bloomberg: “Cannabis continues to light up Main Street in both the U.S. and Canada. Twenty-eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia now have approved medical marijuana programs; eight—Alaska,… Read More The post Bloomberg Weed Index appeared first on The Big Picture.

Why Bill O’Reilly Was Fired

  Sexual harassment allegations in 2004 failed to bring down the biggest star in conservative television. So why couldn’t Bill O’Reilly survive more accusations in 2017? CNN’s Tom Kludt dives into the changes, both inside and outside the halls of Fox News, that led to O’Reilly’s downfall.   This is why Bill O’Reilly was fired… Read More The post Why Bill O’Reilly Was Fired appeared first on The Big Picture.