Qualcomm: Broadcom Would Throw Licensing to the Wolves, Says Bernstein

Broadcom's Hock Tan intends to take Qualcomm's licensing business and "throw it to the wolves" if he gets his hands on the company, speculates Bernstein chip analyst Stacy Rasgon, trading rich royalty dollars for greater chip sales, based on his conversations with Broadcom and with investors. That could mean an ugly proxy fight is coming, he speculates.

Intel To Ride the Rise in Artificial Intelligence Chips, Says Daiwa

Investors underestimate Intel's ability to compete in the growing market for artificial intelligence chips, argues Deepak Sitaraman of Daiwa Securities, as he starts coverage of the stock with a Buy rating. They're second only to Nvidia at the moment, and show much promise, he believes, as data center and automative markets look set to gobble up A.I. chips.

Apple Could Tip the Balance in Broadcom Bid for Qualcomm, Says Cowen

Apple, Qualcomm's biggest customer, is engaged in litigation with the chip maker, and that acrimonious relationship might be just the thing to help Broadcom CEO Hock Tan, if he can convince regulators his bid for Qualcomm would resolve the two companies' disputes, according to a report from Cowen & Co.'s Carl Ackerman.

Macom Drops 7%: This Quarter, Things Turn Around, Says CEO

Shares of fiber-optic component supplier Macom dropped 13% in late trading, after the company's forecast for quarterly revenue missed by a mile. The CEO blamed a continued stall in network construction in China, but he said this quarter marks the lowest point, and things will turn around next year.

Qualcomm: Broadcom’s Got ‘A Lot of Leverage,’ Says Instinet

Broadcom has "a lot of leverage," writes Romit Shah of Instinet, in its bid to buy Qualcomm, a bid the latter yesterday rejected. He sees Broadcom perhaps taking next steps such as nominating people to Qualcomm's board of directors, or starting a public offer for shareholders to tender their shares.

Nvidia Rising: Dazzles Street At the Supercomputer Show

Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang, along with CFO Colette Kress, impressed analysts yesterday at the Supercomputer Conference in Boulder, Colorado, with a closed-door session discussing the company's outlook for its GPU chips, and providing tantalizing tidbits about technology innovation to come.

Intel: A Raft of Good Things Starting Next Year, Says Barclays

Intel has a lot of good things to look forward to in 2018, according to Barclays chip analyst Blayne Curtis, including less competition from AMD, better control of its spending, 10-nanometer chips, and good prospects in artificial intelligence computing and autonomous driving.

Nvidia Rising, Again: FY Q3 Crushes Estimates, Q4 View Beats

Nvidia stock rose 1.6%, in late trading, after its quarterly results crushed analysts' expectations, and it offered a better-than-expected outlook for this quarter. The company raised its dividend and said it would give the same capital returns in dividends and buybacks next year.