Abry Partners recaps NexusTek

Abry Partners has closed its recapitalization of Denver-based NexusTek, an IT services and consulting firm. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE DENVER (PRWEB) DECEMBER 13, 2017 NexusTek, a leading Denver-based IT services and consulting firm providing services throughout the west, announced today that it has completed a recapitalization with Abry Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm. Headquartered in Denver, NexusTek provides regional IT support and outsourcing including help desk, cloud services, VoIP, cyber security services, server monitoring and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services. Abry and NexusTek are investing to make NexusTek the best Managed Service Provider in the West. Mike Jenner, NexusTek’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Our decision to partner with Abry will ensure we can continue to invest in providing the best solutions and service to our customers. We are available 24/7/365 to ensure our customers are able to take advantage of the Cloud, increasing complex Cyber
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Waterfall Asset Management to debut private equity platform

Waterfall Asset Management has hired Gene Weil and John Nelligan to launch and oversee a new private equity platform that will operate under the name Waterfall Milestone. Weil was the co-head of Houlihan Lokey‘s financial institutions group while Nelligan was a managing director. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Waterfall Asset Management, a leading alternative asset management firm, today announced the hiring of Gene Weil and John Nelligan to launch and oversee the creation of a new financial services/specialty finance focused private equity platform, which will operate under the name Waterfall Milestone. Messrs. Weil and Nelligan were co-founders of Milestone Advisors, and for the past approximately five years, Mr. Weil was the Co-Head and Mr. Nelligan was a Managing Director of Houlihan Lokey’s financial institutions group. Between 2004 and 2016, investment banking teams led by Messrs. Weil and Nelligan were ranked No. 1 for all US
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Faraday Grid: A Mysterious Startup That Aims to Transform the Transformer

This month, Edinburgh, Scotland-based Faraday Grid displayed a transformer technology it said would allow grids to handle up to 60 percent renewables without becoming unstable.

The company claimed its Faraday Exchanger product, due to be tested in Australia next year, would also reduce grid losses by up to 15 percent by automatically correcting fluctuations in frequency and voltage caused by intermittent generation.

According to a company investor briefing document, a single Faraday Exchanger would be able to control voltage by plus or minus 25 percent and power factors by plus or minus 0.7 percent, maintaining grid stability to well above current levels.

It “dynamically and autonomously controls power flow with an efficiency, reliability and speed not previously achievable,” the document states.

&ldquo;The Faraday Exchanger operates slightly below the peak operating point of a typical transformer; however, its band of operation is wider and hence performs more efficiently for longer <div class="post-limited-image"><img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/GreentechMedia?d=yIl2AUoC8zA" border="0"></div>
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Economists React to the December Fed Decision: ‘We Wish Jay Powell the Best of Luck’

The Federal Reserve said it would increase its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year and remained on track to follow a similar path next year. The central bank’s two-day policy meeting concluded with new economic forecasts, a policy statement and Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s last scheduled press conference. Here’s how economists and analysts reacted to Wednesday’s Fed news. “History will likely treat (Janet Yellen) kindly, not because she was the first female chair, but because she navigated the rough shoals of policy normalization following the Bernanke era. Perhaps her greatest achievement was that she resisted the temptation and tantrums of those that called for a premature end to her lower for longer policy that waited for significant improvement in the labor force and growth.” —Joseph Brusuelas, RSM US LLP “The surprise is that, despite that stronger economic growth, the inflation and interest rate projections were left almost Continue reading "Economists React to the December Fed Decision: ‘We Wish Jay Powell the Best of Luck’"

A 64% Decline? Really?

My latest post for Alpha Baskets is published and includes the following; I thought of a different way to frame the swirl of indicators all saying different things at any moment in market history. There are things to be concerned about and there are things to act on. The very narrow leadership of the market this year would go on the list of things to be concerned about. Narrow leadership is an unhealthy sign but doesn’t indicate that the market has turned or offer any timing as to when it will turn. Please click through to read the entire post. I hope will also click over to my page at TheMaven for more commentary including my two latest; Generational Selling Opportunity These ETFs Go To 11 Over the weekend we went up to the slot canyons near Page, Arizona and then over to Canyon de Chelly. If you are into
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