2:00PM Water Cooler 12/13/2018

Today's Water Cooler: Aluminum tariffs good for economy, TWO, Sanders on Jamie Dimon, Julian Castro, Pelosi, RCV in Maine, jobless claims, imports and exports, oil, intersectionality and class, Walmart rant, student loans, warehouse code of conduct, anti-labor Jones Day, cash, Eric the fish

Toxic Philanthropy? The Spirit of Giving While Taking

Yves here. Homer had this figured out long ago: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” But the press has done a great job of presenting squillionaires trying to remake society along their preferred lines as disinterested philanthropy. By Lynn Parramore, Senior Research Analyst, the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Originally published at the Institute for New […]

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/12/2018

Today's Water Cooler: Lighthizer on NAFTA, Biden trial balloons, Pelosi v. Trump v. Schumer, NC-09 election fraud, the Lochnerized First Amendment, consumer prices, business inflation expectations, real estate, Bitcoin, Tesla, corporate planning and climate, @Jack meditates, Fortnite

Yellow Fever in France

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused the yellow jacket movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/11/2018

Today's Water Cooler: NAFTA, China auto tariffs, Bloomberg 2020, Beto's donors, producer price index, small business optimism, Amazon insider scams, trucking rates, supply chain for fabric, Uber's robot car software, AI, hoarding scooters, Gilded Age, love and money, MAD Magazine