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I’ve had a lot going on lately. I have resigned from AdvisorShares (I will have more on that soon) but have still been doing a lot of writing at TheMaven. Some of my recent posts include; A humorous take on hedge funds. A new look at the permanent portfolio. Whether UBI is insane or brilliant. Currently we are in Kauai doing some hiking, having a tough time finding beaches (the ones we usually go to here have been rendered unsafe for now due to the floods in Hanalei). But in the meantime here are some pictures from the hikes we have done so far, some of the scenery and of course a fire truck. From Sleeping Giant Trail that starts out in Kapa’a 20180429_091931 Awa’awapuhi Trail lookout in Kokee State Park near Waimea Canyon. 20180430_105336 Part of Waimea Canyon on Highway 550. 20180430_131807 Bali Hai near sunset. 20180428_180954 bl Fire Truck IMG_20180429_183311_028

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