When Knowing What Will Happen Isn’t Enough

This post is by Roger Nusbaum from Random Roger

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My latest post at Alpha Baskets is up and includes the following;

As I write this post on Monday afternoon Bitcoin is just under $6800. At that figure Yahoo Finance has it down 60% from its early January high. Obviously, people were buying at/near the highs. How many of those folks are looking back at merely a bad trade and how many have been crushed by over allocating to something that is down 60%?

And from my page at TheMaven;

Ben Carlson takes down the 200 DMA; I respond.

Speaking of TheMaven, I am up in British Columbia for a conference with TheMaven. We landed in Vancouver last night, up to Whistler now until Friday and then back to Vancouver until Sunday.

The view from our Airbnb last night in Vancouver.


Deep Cove



20180411_131715 backlight

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