March Magic

This week’s Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following; The ten year anniversary of Bear Stearns going under was last week. It was an amazing period of history for markets as Bear was of course a venerable name on Wall Street and its failure created more awareness that any company can fail and of course even bigger names than Bear went on to fail or otherwise be rescued by the government. Barry Ritholtz quipped on Twitter that Bear Stearns was bought for less than what the Yankees paid to Alex Rodriguez. And from my page at TheMaven; The cost of retirement might be vastly overstated. A look at a couple of well known fund managers who are changing their strategies to invest in Bitcoin. 28698654_2109452056002903_6032939521562762361_o 28827605_2110528599228582_8417808124678957443_o 29064343_2109329796015129_2784320694095962747_o (1)

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