The Bull Market Turns Nine!

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following; We now know a little more about the steel and aluminum tariffs. While actual trade wars can’t be good for anyone, the detail we have now implies that this all may be a negotiating ploy. Canada and Mexico have a very visible path to being exempt and other countries can negotiate out of them. Last week we said that Trump supporters would say this is the Art of the Deal at work. That hope is alive and well. And from my page at TheMaven; The investment merits of putting your head in the sand. The real meaning of success. 28827225_2104454243169351_3784339495679599994_o 28698980_2104411413173634_4103142112565104457_o 28616801_2102636863351089_425405379067661394_o

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