What It Means to be an Advisor

My latest post is up at Alpha Baskets and includes the following; Invariably, if you’re an advisor you field all sorts of financial or market questions socially or at family functions. I had three different Bitcoin conversations at Christmas dinner at my in-laws. I’ve had conversations with half of my nieces/nephews over the years about how to get started in their 401ks. I’ve had similar 401k conversations with a couple of guys at the fire department. Friends on Facebook reach out all the time in this capacity. Blogging is itself a way to help people. There is no way for a blogger to take on every reader as a client, not even a fraction of them, assuming readers had that interest, but someone who reads your content is trying to learn something and if they are a repeat reader then chances are they have learned something from your content in
past. Please click through to read the entire post. Then please click on over to my page at TheMaven to read about a potentially disastrous alternative strategy. 26047249_2062794854001957_7082485461173647727_n 26116430_2062795030668606_8707815501039594213_o

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