Atlas Venture leads Series A round for Nutonian

Nutonian has closed $4 million in Series A funding. Atlas Venture led the round. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Nutonian is the developer of Eureqa, a machine learning platform.


Cambridge, MA – October 23, 2013 – Nutonian, the Cambridge company leveraging breakthrough science to uncover the fundamental relationships in big data, has raised a $4M Series A round led by founding investor Atlas Venture. The funds will be used to further develop and commercialize Eureqa, Nutonian’s machine learning platform. Eureqa discovers the mathematical relationships hidden in massive amounts of data and then translates the results into actionable insights.
“Nutonian is where Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence meet, fundamentally changing the way we use, and extract value from data” said Chris Lynch, partner at Atlas Venture. “The Eureqa platform can identify and explain the causal relationships in big data, enabling customers to solve real-world problems where predictions alone do not suffice. In doing so, Nutonian brings the power of a team of data scientists to non-technical staff.”
Eureqa uses Symbolic Regression, a breakthrough machine learning technique, to uncover the intrinsic relationships in data. The mathematical formulas uncovered can be explained in terms easily understood and shared with others. Eureqa’s incredibly accurate predictions, coupled with simple, sharable explanations, bring an unprecedented level of intelligence to businesses. Nutonian uniquely empowers the business user to predict,control,understand and act.
“In a staggeringly complex world, it is impossible for the human mind alone to make precise predictions about what will happen and why it will happen,” said Michael Schmidt, Nutonian founder and CEO. “We created Eureqa to uncover the underlying truth from seeming chaos. Its application in the business world and the value it can bring is exciting and we are very fortunate to have investors who share in that confidence and vision.” Forbes magazine recently declared Schmidt one of “The World’s 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists”.
Over 40,000 people have relied on Eureqa to answer their most challenging questions in industries ranging from oil & gas and finance to life science and retail. It has helped thousands of researchers achieve breakthrough outcomes in fields from biology to material science and satellite communications.
Eureqa is available today. To download a 30-day complimentary trial, click here.
About Nutonian
Nutonian is applying breakthrough science to enable anyone to deriver answers and understanding from complex data. Through Eureqa, its machine learning platform, Nutonian enables businesses to discover the causal relationships hidden in their data and translate those discoveries into actionable insights. For more information, visit Nutonian at

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