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Lambert: Sorry for excessive links. People kept sending them!

Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds AP. Didn’t Monsanto just patent vinegar?

How a 15-year-old entrepreneur got her product into Nordstrom Yahoo. Comments are a little more realistic.

Indian cricket chief steps aside amid IPL spot-fixing investigation BBC

APB: At Least Two Missing “Law Enforcement Personnel,” Last Seen at Ibragim Todashev Homicide Scene emptywheel (Bunk McNulty)

Financial system ‘waiting for next crisis’ FT

How much should we be fearing “resets”? Marginal Revolution

Austerity, like a B-movie monster, will keep coming back Wolfgang Münchau, FT

Krugman on spat with Rogoff, Reinhart CNN

Quantity Over Quality in Bank Profits Gretchen Morgenson, Times

BIS lays out “simple” plan for how to handle bank failures Reuters

BIS records startling collapse of eurozone interbank loans Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

We must not accept this economic ‘new normal’ Bernie Sanders, Guardian

Judges blame banks for foreclosure slowdowns, but some see good in delay Tampa Bay Times (Lisa Epstein)

Deficit Deal Even Less Likely Online WSJ (SW). From the Department of Schadenfreude.

Obama’s faith in the geek elite who have your secrets Edward Luce, FT

White House Releases New Tools… [Bank Robber’s Defense] Another Word for It

From the Oval Office to D.C.’s Hottest Free Agent Bloomberg (video). Dead-eyed now-former National Security spokeshole Tommy Vietor cashes in.

Royal Sideshow at Opera House Inflames Spanish/Catalan Tensions Testosterone Pit

Anti-Capitalist Protest: ‘Blockupy’ Surrounds ECB in Frankfurt Der Speigel

Hanging on to Mutti London Review of Books. Election year mood.


Turkey’s Middle Class Fuels the Protest Business Week

Everywhere is Taksim, Resistance Everywhere Jadaliyya

Turkish protests: prime minister blames opposition Guardian

United ultras join forces against police violence in Taksim Hurriyet Daily News. Soccer fans.

Is it the end of Sykes-Picot? London Review of Books. Syria.

China’s Tiananmen Mothers criticize Xi for lack of reforms Reuters

Facebook Is For Old People Big Picture

Why Tumblr Was a Massive Steal for Yahoo All Things D

Let’s enjoy the backlash against hackathons mathbabe

A sobering day FT (RS)

Slash: Not Just a Punctuation Mark Anymore The Chronicle of Higher Education’

Unoriginal impressions of Brasilia Crooked Timber. Video with Richard Hughes.

Deciphering Detropia: The Power of Degrowth, the Destructiveness of Neoliberalism Health After Oil (danb)

How Two Plant Geeks Grew a Permaculture Oasis in an Ordinary Backyard Truth-Out (KF)

What Is Autism? New York Review of Books

Antidote du jour (NZ friend of Yves):


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