Connect-123: Volunteer Work and Internship Experiences in Emerging Markets

Well, it's going on 9 AM here in Cape Town and I'm sitting in the offices of Connect-123, overlooking Table Mountain and the Central Business District. Just a lovely city, and everyone has been more than hospitable.

Connect-123 started as our oldest son's unique idea after he had participated in social venture capital work in Cape Town. From that experience, and from his lovely wife who is native to South Africa, they developed a number of valuable business contacts. This enabled them to begin offering students and early career professionals customized volunteer and internship work experiences in an emerging economy.

Most recently, Connect-123 has expanded to Buenos Aires, another beautiful city, to offer internship and volunteer work experiences there.

The customization of the internships has meant that students can gain experience in the fields of their choice, while enjoying a peer group of interns and sampling a new culture. If readers are interested, they can check out the Facebook page for Connect-123 and see what's going on.

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