Moore’s Law over 120 Years [Flickr]

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Moore's Law over 120 Years I was updating the Kurzweil version of Moore’s Law to include the latest data points, and found that he was doing the same thing. Of all of the variations of Moore’s Law, this is the one I find to be most useful, as it captures what customers actually value — computation per $ spent. Humanity’s capacity to compute has compounded for as long as we can measure it, starting long before Intel co-founder Gordon Moore noticed a refraction of the longer-term trend in the belly of the then fledgling semiconductor industry.

But, Intel has ceded leadership for Moore’s Law. The 7 most recent data points are all NVIDIA GPUs, with CPU architectures dominating the prior 30 years. The fine-grained parallel compute architecture of a GPU maps better to the needs of deep learning than a CPU. There is a poetic beauty to the computational similarity of
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MIB: Michael Lewis (Part I)

This week, we speak with Michael Lewis, author of such classics as Liar’s Poker, Money Ball, The Big Short, Flash Boys, and his just published book, The Undoing Project (see my review here). Lewis wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal explaining how overpaid bankers were that got him into hot water with the home… Read More The post MIB: Michael Lewis (Part I) appeared first on The Big Picture.