Single Payer on The March

Jesse Bohon on the Christian justification for single payer; single payer in California, and why #TheResistance must support single payer.

Mondelez Takes Big Hit, But Remains in Bullish Triangle Pattern

Mondelez International (MDLZ) had a rough week, tumbling over 5.5% after Kraft Heinz (KHC) made a bid for Unilever (UL).  That suggested to many investors that the likelihood of a MDLZ acquisition was significantly reduced and the stock was priced lower accordingly.  The technical pattern on MDLZ remains quite bullish, however, so I'd argue that last week's weakness is opening a door for entry.  There are two bullish possibilities here so let's look at the chart: While last week's losses were obvious, the overall uptrend here is just as obvious.  Weekly RSI in the 40-50 range has generally been a solid entry point into MDLZ and we closed at 46 last week.  Furthermore, MDLZ is currently approaching its key trendline support within a bullish ascending triangle pattern.  I'd respect this trendline because failure to hold it could send MDLZ down to its early 2016 reaction low (black dotted line Continue reading "Mondelez Takes Big Hit, But Remains in Bullish Triangle Pattern"

The Robot Tax And Basic Income

In my work to prepare for the Future of Labor conversation we had at NewCo Shift a few weeks ago, I talked to a number of experts who are studying job losses due to automation and thinking about what might be done about it. Two ideas that came up a number of times were the “robot tax” and the “basic income.” The ideas are complimentary and one might fund the other. At its simplest, a “robot tax” is a tax on companies that choose to use automation to replace human jobs. There are obviously many variants of this idea and to my knowledge, no country or other taxing authority has implemented a robot tax yet. A “basic income” is the idea that everyone receives enough money from the government to pay for their basic needs; housing, food, clothing so that as automation puts people out of work we don’t
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Sunday links: staying rich

10 Sunday Reads

Our Easy Like Sunday Morning on a three day weekend reads: • Data Nerds Struggle to Gain Power at Hedge Funds (Bloomberg) • Ticketing Startup Alleges Ticketmaster Used Hacking to Steal Trade Secrets (Wall Street Journal) • The Bear Market That Nobody Talks About (Irrelevant Investor) see also The Impact of Longer Investor Time Horizons (A Wealth of Common… Read More The post 10 Sunday Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

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Is The Dollar Getting Ready To Make A Big Move?

The Dollar Index -- primary trend The Dollar Index viewed from the short-term trend The euro The yen The Canadian dollar Emerging market currencies Expectations were high for the US Dollar ($USD) following the election and indeed, the currency did rally for a while. However, the trend for most of 2017 has been a downward one in terms of the majority of cross rates, and this...

The Farthest

It is one of humankind’s greatest achievements. More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space – the first human-made object ever to do so. Slowly dying within its heart is a nuclear generator that will beat for perhaps another decade before the… Read More The post The Farthest appeared first on The Big Picture.

Putting Low Stock Volatility to Good Use (Guest Columnist at Barron’s)

With spring training just getting underway in Florida and Arizona, I think it is appropriate that I once again have an opportunity to pinch hit for Steve Searsin his The Striking Price column for Barron’s.  Today’s column is called Putting Low Stock Volatility to Good Use (my title suggestions always seem to end up on the cutting floor) and builds upon some of the ideas I presented three years ago in Low Volatility:  How to Profit from a Quiet VIX.

If my memory is correct, this is the twentieth time I have been a guest columnist at Barron’s in this fashion and in keeping with tradition, I always try to make the column topical, particularly when there are some aspects of volatility that have investors more perplexed than usual.  Lately, it has been the persistent low VIX readings (including the first sub-10 VIX print in a decade)
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Retail Stocks Remain Very Attractive And Here Are A Few To Consider

About a month ago, I wrote a ChartWatchers article detailing the bullish historical tendencies of retailers during the months of February, March and April.  In particular, apparel retailers ($DJUSRA) have shown tremendous bullishness during the months of February, March and April.  In addition, the DJUSRA was approaching a key price support level.  As it turns out, that price support held and stocks in this group are beginning to trend higher as they typically do this time of year.  First, let's check out the updated chart:

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Bonds. Shaken, Not Stirred.

It is time to circle back and update our studies of the US Treasury Bond market. On October 7, 2016, we did a Wyckoffian analysis of Treasury Bonds as they appeared to be at a critical juncture. Take a few minutes now and go back to that post (click here for a link) and review this prior analysis. To summarize; at that point bonds were in a well advanced state of Distribution that was 21 months along. After an exhaustion rally (or Upthrust) bonds returned back to the Resistance level. By zooming into the UT area, we identified completed Distribution on a smaller scale and took two Point and Figure counts. The larger of these two counts projected a sizable decline to the major Support line for bonds at about 110 on the TLT chart.

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